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Welcome To Smockabilly Kids!

We are so glad you have joined us to participate in our smocked auctions!

We are from the South, so of course Southern Traditions hold a special place in our life. We are nestled right in the heart of Central Florida, best known as Horse Country.  We love porch swings, sweet tea and sitting to read a good book every now and then! That is… When we are not up to our necks in material and thread!

We believe in working hard and sharing what we do with people we think would appreciate it the most, that’s you! My personal inspiration comes from being a mom. Back when my little ones were born I dressed them each in smocked outfits for their very first photo moment,.. and ever since I’ve carried a special place in my heart for precious smocked clothing.

With our combined extensive history in Business Retail Management, we have learned so much from all our years in the business world. First and foremost the very best thing that one can ever learn is to make Customer Service Excellence a #1 Priority! 19 yrs ago I developed my own business in retail and have also previously managed a well known retail chain. Finally I decided to reach out for a dream and pursue something that is dear to my heart in the fashion and design world. Today along with my husband, we are proud to introduce to you the Brand “Smockabilly Kids.”  My inspiration for starting this business of kids clothing comes from being a mom and knowing what moms like myself want and always have search for, unique designs at bargain prices! We are committed to offering you the “Best Of The Best” in Quality Products, with Unique Boutique Designs at the most Affordable Prices!     

With smocked designs being so special, we decided to establish a team that has come together to offer to you some of the same type of dear keepsake memories with beautiful, delicate, handmade designs at affordable pricing! We are proud to offer items that bring together modern elements of fashion combined with delicate southern hometown charm. These truly are special and unique finds that can be passed down for generations. We aim to please and hope you will love these sweet little outfits as much as we do!

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Happy Bidding !!

The Smockabilly Kids Team

Smockabilly Kids was founded in 2013